You spend most of your day in your office so why not find ways to make it a more enjoyable place to be? Try a few of these simple tips to create a more inviting and relaxing office space.

  1. Change Up Your Lighting:  Try getting a nice desk lamp and a floor lamp to help add warmer lighting instead of the overhead lighting that can be unpleasant to work under.
  2. Get Organized:  A cluttered and disorganized workspace not only kills your productivity but it affects your creativity as well. Sort through the clutter and determine what on and near your desk must be moved, what must be there, what can go in the trash and what can be filed away. Create an official inbox where all your to-do’s go instead of having piles all over your desk. This will help you clear the clutter both physically and mentally. Make sure to select an attractive inbox, it will brighten up your space and your mood. You can find some great trays at Staples and even HomeGoods stores. For great shelving and organizing options you can also visit
  3. Decorate Your Space: Hanging artwork will give your office a more homelike feel. Select a print that is relaxing and appealing to you personally. You could also choose a metallic color to use as accent pieces throughout your office. Don’t be afraid to add some bold color and some whimsical elements to your office if that is what you like. Surround yourself with what inspires you and makes you happy.
  4. Add A Plant To Your orkspace: Even just a small plant sitting on your desk will help improve the feel of your office. You can find some great pot selections at West Elm, Pottery Barn or even your local hardware store. Then select a plant that will thrive indoors with minimal watering and light. Some plant options for your desk include: A Spider Plant- theywill survive with low levels of light and only need to be watered every few days. Another option is a Snake Plant: These plants grow with low levels of light and can even stay alive in drought conditions so they are a perfect desk plant. Bamboo: this is another office plant that doesn’t require a lot of light and it adds a fun element to your desk.

You spend most of your day in your office so why not make it a space you enjoy being in? Have some fun and get creative.