The average home seller would be more likely to move up if they knew there was a system that would help them do so without the fear of being homeless, unintentionally owning two homes or being completely stressed in the process.

This fear and lack of education of the process often causes the home seller to miss the opportunity to take that next step into their dream home and to grow their net worth by purchasing a larger, high quality home.

In recent years more than ten million plus North Americans buy or sell a home. Of that ten million number a significant percentage of individuals and families had to first resolve the following questions:

Would we better off financially or in terms of our preferred lifestyle by staying put and making home improvements or should we save ourselves the stress and struggles associated with a improvement project and buy another home?

First Step:
Determine the current price of your home.

Second Step:
Determine what new features and/or improvements you desire in your present home.

Third Step:
Meet with a real estate professional that can:

  • Help connect you to superior local contractors and/or interior designers.
  • Help you determine which renovations are more consequential regarding ultimate resale value.
  • Provide you with information and previews of current and potentially soon to be marketed properties which will help you determine if the alternative of moving is in your best short range and long range interest.



Should you:

  • Stay in your home as is until it might be a better time to sell.
  • Stay in your home, improve its value and get to enjoy your personalized upgrades.
  • Consult with recommended architects and/or contractor and look to maximize your profit in your property.
  • Determine the value of your home as is, then calculate the costs of renovation and the projected market value once enhancements are complete.
  • Market your property for sale while you plan your renovation.
  • Consider pricing your home to sell as is as well as pricing it to sell after renovation.
  • Determine which area and type of home is enjoying the greatest current and projected demand and consider the future resale of that property versus your current home.



  • Are you considering investing in expanding your present property?
  • Would you like to renovate before you sell?
  • Would renovating your home be stressful?
  • Would renovating your home represent something you would enjoy doing?
  • Would you like to remain in your present neighborhood?
  • Would construction overly disrupt your life?
  • Would your present neighborhood support your improvement or would your money grow more potentially if put into another property in a different location?
  • Would you qualify for a construction loan?
  • Do you need a current market value analysis for your home?
  • Would you like non-obligatory advice regarding:
    • Present value?
    • Cost of renovations?
    • Recommended home improvement professionals?
    • Information on alternative homes and locations?
    • Would you like to discuss how you can both improve your present¬†home, sell it, and them move to another home?

I am well trained to assist you in discovering the possibility of exchanging your lifestyle, net worth, and tax privileges through the use of a Move Up SystemSM consultation. Call or text me at 916-788-8822.