Photo From Citrus Heights Sentinel

City of Citrus Heights – 2019 State of the City


(Content Correction: Our recent blog on the Citrus Heights’ State of the City stated that the City will be facing a $65 mil deficit, the information should have read “The City needs $65 mil to do all of the road repairs in the City.”   We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.)

On June 11th, the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce held the Annual State of the City Luncheon at the Citrus Heights Community Center. Mayor Jeannie Bruins presented an overview of what the City accomplished, and defined the priorities and shared recent economic development and infrastructure improvements.

In addition, the Mayor spoke about the upcoming challenges with balancing responsible financial management while seeking funding for community priorities with available resources. We obtained a copy of the PowerPoint presentation so here are some additional key components:

– Public safety is a priority. Crime was reduced by 11% in 2018, and the new Rental Housing Inspection Program will ensure properties will be managed and maintained in the City.

– Economic growth continues with 560 new businesses, the Sylvan Property Purchase, and the new medication office building which is coming soon.

– Improvements in infrastructure includes the Highland Avenue Drainage Project, Mariposa 4 in design phase and the Mariposa 3 Safe Routes to School.

– A revitalized focus on Sunrise Mall with efforts to collaborate with the many owners of the Mall.


Mayor Bruins explained that as the City transitions to District Based Elections and improving the infrastructure, the City faces a $65 million funding gap. The City will continue its commitment towards improving public safety and working on homelessness. The Auburn Blvd. development efforts, with now 229 businesses, showed a 10% property value increase, in addition to the future Studio Movie Grill and plans for a new Hobby Lobby store. Efforts will continue to support businesses and the Chamber of Commerce.



In conclusion, the Mayor reminded the audience of the successes in becoming a City and securing our own police department. And that the City maintains a strong commitment to self-reliance and local control. Solid Roots and New Growth is the new motto and there are big plans in place for our future.