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Life Transitions – Time to Move?

Sometimes life takes us on paths we had not planned; a sick spouse, aging parent or kids who grow up and move out (hopefully).  It’s during these times that we need to think about our current living situation and decide if it still works for us.  Oftentimes it’s a job change or retirement that has…

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Preparing Your Elderly Parents For an Upcoming Move

Helping your aging parents prepare to sell and move into either independent or assisted living is not easy, even if they are willing to make that move. And over the years, we’ve seen many situations where adult children need to step-in to assist. Sometimes a parent dies and the family members are left with dismantling…

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Citrus Heights 2019: How are We Doing?

  City of Citrus Heights – 2019 State of the City   (Content Correction: Our recent blog on the Citrus Heights’ State of the City stated that the City will be facing a $65 mil deficit, the information should have read “The City needs $65 mil to do all of the road repairs in the…

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